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Silvan Zingg sets Chaplin's silent movies to music

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Charlie Chaplin is rated as the first world star of the cinema and the most famous comedian of silent movies. He became an idol for Silvan Zingg and it was always his dream, to perform together with Charlie Chaplin or to set Chaplin's silent movies to music on the grand piano.

Thanks to the cinema Lenk in the beautiful Simmental in Switzerland, this dream now came true.

On the occasion of the 30-year anniversary since the re-opening of the cinema, director Oskar Schönenberger planned something very special: An evening with special guest Silvan Zingg, who accompanied three of Chaplin's masterpieces live on the grand piano.

A large number of guests attended this evening on 7. February 2020, including the popular Swiss cabaret artist, writer and actor Emil Steinberger with his wife Niccel, to dive with Silvan Zingg in the world of silent movies.

"To play such a concert was a very special and unique experience to me. It was a big pleasure for me and such a blast. My heartfelt thanks go to Oskar Schönenberger and his family, who made this evening with their efforts possible", says Silvan Zingg.

The amazing cinema in Lenk, who made Silvan to a silent-movie-pianist, is definitely worth a visit. Congratulations to the cinema and its whole team to this anniversary!

It was for sure not the last time that Silvan Zingg performed as silent-movie-pianist. More concerts like this are already in planning.