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Silvan Zingg In Concerto - SOLD OUT

Silvan Zingg In Concerto - SOLD OUT

Silvan Zingg



Really The Blues (Im Keller)
Jam aux Riches Claires
Night Trip

This CD is a live recording of Silvan Zingg playing a his concert on Piazza Riforma in Lugano. Recorded by the Radio Svizzera Italiana 1st September 2001 at the Blues To Bop Festival.

1. The Blues (3:51)

2. Boogie Woogie Ambassador (4:13)

3. Boogie For Clarence (4:24)

4. Miss Fred Dee (3:43)

5. Lugano Blues (4:38)

6. Il Treno Merci (2:55)

7. Ticino Boogie (3:13)

8. Solemio (4:44)

9. Ciribiribin (3:59)

10. Really The Blues (Im Keller) (7:52)

11. Jam aux Riches Claires (4:38) The CD has an enhanced part which you can see with your PC/Mac. Honky Tonk Train Blues