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Silvan Zingg

Silvan Zingg

The international press calls him: "The Boogie Woogie ambassador from Switzerland". “Silvan plays as if he were from St. Louis – he could be my blues brother!” said Rock 'n' Roll legend Chuck Berry enthusiastically about his pianist.

Silvan Zingg's Boogie Woogie piano style is characterized by a great portion of swing and blues performed with passion, lightness and brilliant quality.

Influenced by vintage recordings, he started to play the piano in early childhood. Already at the age of 18 he performed at the Masters of Boogie Woogie Night in Charleston, South Carolina.

Silvan Zingg appeared and performed on stage with legends like Chuck Berry and B.B. King. In 2015 Silvan attended at the funeral of the late Blues Legend King in Mississippi.

In Switzerland Silvan is organizer of the International Boogie Woogie Festival in April in Lugano, where he presents world-class artists during 3 days.


Silvan Zingg Trio

Trio Silvan ZinggNuno Alexandre is a «slapbass» specialist. This fascinating way of playing the bass from the 1940 is mastered today by only few musicians. The drummer Valerio Felice has a subtle way of playing which adapts perfectly to Silvan’s piano play. The music flows in the blood of these gifted musicians and they prove it with their joyful performances and brilliant techniques on stage.

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Latest News

The 17th edition of Silvan Zingg’s International Boogie Woogie Festival will take place in 2020.
A new CD is also in preparation.
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